Cutting glass

If you are trying to cut your own glass and this is your first time use some kind of oil on your glass cutter. Do not cut glass with a dry glass cutter you might waste your glass. I dip my glass cutter in motor oil but any kind works. Also it only takes one cut or pass with your cutter from one end to the other to make a cut. Dont let your straight edge move, make your cut ,then break.

Car door windows

Most people think when their car door window is not going up or down its off track. Usually whats happening is the regulator inside the door attached to the window is bad. Put the keys in the ignition and try to roll the window up and down. Now while doing this listen very closely for a crunching  sound. If you hear this crunching sound your regulator is bad and the cables are frayed or broken. Call me 352-445-1036.

Tempered glass

If you have some glass laying around and you are wondering if you can use it to fix something you need to know this. Tempered glass is glass you cant cut down. If it is tempered it will have a mark on one corner etched in the glass. Glaziers call this a bug and it lets you know do not even try to cut down. Also never set it down without putting wood or something under it because the edges of tempered glass are the  most delicate and it will explode or break in thousands of little pieces.

Food for thought.

How can someone throw stones at a glass house when they already live in one.

What is a good glass cleaner?

Some people ask me what the best glass cleaner is and this what I think. It depends on what kind of glass. If you want to clean your windows in your car on the inside and you are using glass cleaner with ammonia, good luck. That stuff will make you choke and if its hot outside it heats up quite fast making matters worse. Also ammonia eats the silver off of the back of mirrors in your bathroom or home. Sprayway foaming glass cleaner is good but I personally don’t like any cleaners with ammonia. It doesn’t have ammonia. Denatured alcohol and a razor blade are the best for cleaning glass but it to is harmful to breathe or get on your skin also its very flammable. Gloves and a well ventilated area are what you need if using such chemicals even if your using a simple cleaner like vinegar. That works and is safe.

Things recently learned.

Recently doing stained glass and loved it. My daughter is 5 months old and I made a working music box for her with stained glass, a soldering iron and of course the wind up music box. Very pretty. I love this baby. The song is “love me tender”. It was my first try and I put the hole in the lid making it easy to open up and wind it up.




Window replacement.

Welcome to https://glassreplacement.pro This site is for you if you need glass work of any kind. I fix windows and we built this site to reach people needing a mobile service to do so. If you are reading this, this is is what you need to know. This website, as you’ve probably noticed, has pictures of different kinds of glass. I took the pictures of work I’ve done over the last 20 years to show you my work. The bottom line is that if you need a window or a piece of glass replaced this website is the first step. Next, call me. I am the owner of Alpha Glass Company and my # is 352-445-1036 . I am licensed and insured. I come to you. Free quotes. Good work with great rates. This website is to inform you so please browse around. I provide a free mobile service too. Alpha Glass Company. Owner: Steve Filion. https://glassreplacement.pro10408740_395821800567363_6455162928185394573_n

A turkey broke the windshield!

Today I did a windshield on the passenger side of a semi truck that was a split windshield. A turkey flew up out of the ditch and took out the glass. If it had happened on the driver side it would have been a different story. He was going 60 mph. There was no window left.