What is a good glass cleaner?

Some people ask me what the best glass cleaner is and this what I think. It depends on what kind of glass. If you want to clean your windows in your car on the inside and you are using glass cleaner with ammonia, good luck. That stuff will make you choke and if its hot outside it heats up quite fast making matters worse. Also ammonia eats the silver off of the back of mirrors in your bathroom or home. Sprayway foaming glass cleaner is good but I personally don’t like any cleaners with ammonia. It doesn’t have ammonia. Denatured alcohol and a razor blade are the best for cleaning glass but it to is harmful to breathe or get on your skin also its very flammable. Gloves and a well ventilated area are what you need if using such chemicals even if your using a simple cleaner like vinegar. That works and is safe.